Which Weleda Facial is right for me?

Weleda’s skin care philosophy recognises that we are all individual and that our skin is constantly adapting and adjusting and influenced by our environment, health, and age.

For this reason, we refer to the skin’s ‘phase’ rather than skin ‘type’ and Weleda’s holistic facials address both the specific and changeable needs of the skin.

The Radiant Resilience is ideal when your skin is lacking lustre, suffering the effects the city-life environment, and showing the first signs of aging.

If your skin feels in need of a thorough deep cleanse because you are suffering with oiliness, hormonal spots or simply wanting holistic exfoliation to renew and decongest the skin, try Weleda’s Rebalancing Facial.

The Facial Rejuvenation is focussed on skin regeneration and firmness; specifically for skin that is becoming more demanding due to the influence of menopause, is slowing down due to the aging processes taking hold or simply too much sun in the early years.

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