Why have I not received a confirmation email?

After you make your booking you will receive an email acknowledging your booking request while we match it with one of our blow LTD professionals. Once one of our professionals has accepted your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email confirming your booking. Please note - we will not take payment for your booking until it has been accepted and confirmed by a professional.

To explain the booking process a bit further:

Once a booking is made, it then goes in to a 'matching' process where the system automatically finds an available beauty professional who is in the right area, and trained in the right skill.

If a professional cannot be automatically found, it falls to our fulfilment team to manually try and find one. They do this by looking at where professionals are currently booked in, contacting other customers to see if they can maybe move their appointment time slightly and other techniques. It's essentially a big puzzle with lots of moving parts but it's their job to make sure we fulfill as many as possible!

On average we fill about 98% of the bookings, with the remaining 2% being either rearranged, cancelled by the customer or unfortunately turned down by us. Turning down a booking is really the very last thing that we want to do, and only happens once we've exhausted all other options.

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