How can I make my spray tan last?

A spray tan can last up to 5-7 days depending on your lifestyle and skin type.

Immediately after you have had your spray tan, make sure your wear loose dark coloured clothing while your tan is developing. Do not use any skin or body products during the development period, as these chemicals can interfere with the tan and cause the skin to go green.  Finally, make sure you avoid the gym and showering during the development period, as this will affect how your tan develops. 

Once you have washed your tan off, we recommend moisturising regularly to make your tan last as long and as evenly as possible.  Remember to pat and not rub your skin dry after you shower.  After 4-5 days we recommend you have a warm bath and lightly exfoliate to ensure your tan fades evenly. To make your tan last even longer, bath, exfoliate and then apply a gradual tanner.

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