Should I book the Classic or Express spray tan?

If you need a quick glow then the Express Spray Tan service is for you! This spray tan can be washed off in as little as 1 hour! The colour of this tan still develops on the skin between 6-8 hours after you have washed it off. The express solution develops within 1-4 hours depending on how dark you like your tan. For a subtle glow, we recommend leaving this on for an hour, for a medium subtle glow 2-3 hours and for maximum results leave on for the full 4 hours before washing off. For the best results, we recommend washing under lukewarm water and moisturise after for an even finish - who doesn’t love an extra glow!

If you don't need your glow until the next day we recommend opting for our Classic Spray Tan service, this tan needs 8-10 hours of developing time before it can be washed off.  If you have some extra time and you’re not in a rush this is the tan for you. The classic solution is left on for 6-8 hours and after you wash it off your colour has developed and you are ready to go! Great for people who want a deeper, more bespoke spray tan service - prior to the appointment, your beauty professional will complete a comprehensive consultation and depending on your skin type and tone, you will then both decide on a colour that suits you best!

Top Tip from our Spray Tan experts: Moisturise post-service for a seamless glow! You can also top your tan up by using a gradual tan moisturiser to keep you glowing between bookings!

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