How should I prepare for my spray tan appointment?

Preparation for your spray tan is key! To get the best out of your tan follow these top tips!

  • Do not use a 48hr deodorant prior to your appointment, sometimes this can cause a reaction but please do not worry if this happens your tan will wash off beautifully and even!
  • Try not to use moisturizer on that day as this can cause a barrier and the tan will not apply to those areas.
  • Exfoliate and shave 24 hours prior to the appointment, great to get rid of any dead skin cells and provide an even surface for the tan to cover the skin evenly.
  • If you can shower prior to the appointment just to wash off any perfumes, body oils etc but the beauty professional will have an exfoliating spritz with them to remove any deodorant if you do not have the time.
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