What should I expect during a Brow Lamination service?

Brow Lamination is the latest trending brow treatment that involves restructuring brow hairs to semi-permanently keep them in their desired shape. Brow Lamination delivers naturally fuller brows that can be tailored to suit any brow preference in a safe and gentle treatment.

Brows can be worn brushed up or down depending on the desired style. This treatment lasts for up to 8 weeks.

Steps 1-6 in the image below show you what will happen during a Brow Lamination service.

Firstly, your expert technician will complete a consultation with you to find your ideal brow style. Brows are then cleansed and fixed into place using Brow Fix. The first solution, Brow Style is applied - this product helps to make the brow hairs more malleable so they can be styled in their new position.

This product is left to process for a set time (depending on your brow hair condition/thickness) then the second solution, Brow Set is applied. This product helps to restructure the brow hairs in their new position. This product is left on the brow hairs to process, and then removed.

An optional brow tint can be applied at this stage depending on your preference. After this, a conditioning serum, Brow Nourish, is applied to the brows - this then is left on the brows.

Steps 7-9 show the inclusion of a brow tint


You'll be asked to sign a disclaimer form before your service begins. If you're pregnant or have a medical condition refer to articles; 

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