I'm pregnant, can I have a brow service?

Our brow services are considered safe for pregnant women, however your skin may be more sensitive than usual, making waxing more painful. If you’ve never had a wax before, it might not be a good idea to start during pregnancy!

Please note, your professional will ask you to sign a disclaimer at the start of your brow service in place of a patch test.

The only brow service that we do not recommend in pregnancy is a Brow Lamination, the products used in this treatment are similar to a lash lift and tint where the products use are changing the structure of the brow hair to give them a fuller look.

During pregnancy your hormones are heightened and change so if you have previously had the treatment and had no reaction this could change during pregnancy so we do not recommend the service. We do look forward to seeing you after your pregnancy and after breastfeeding for your Brow Lamination!

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