How is blow LTD ensuring that its beauty professionals are happy and willing to return to work?

The health, safety and wellbeing of our beauty professionals remains our absolute priority. We have been in close contact with each and every one of our beauty professionals to ensure that they’re well supported during this period of temporary closure.

As we approach reopening, our professionals now have the opportunity to get back to work with blow LTD. There is no pressure for our professionals to return to work on July 4th (our current reopening date, subject to government policy) and the decision is entirely in their hands as to when in the future they would like to do so.

Beauty professionals who do wish to return to work in July are now working closely with our team to:

  • Get trained in our updated Hygiene Protocol, in line with our health and safety measures
  • Prepare their hygiene & PPE kits, sourced from trusted & reputable beauty suppliers
  • Gain additional certification in Covid-19 hygiene and sanitisation protocols

Beauty professionals who do not wish to return to work right now are able to put their blow LTD accounts on hold and return at a later date whenever they wish to do so.

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