Are there any pre-existing medical conditions that mean I can’t have a Million Dollar Microneedling Facial?

If you are aware of any of the following medical conditions our microneedling services are not suitable for you if you are / have:

  1. Pregnant
  2. Under 18 years of age 
  3. Localised skin infections
  4. Skin allergies - metal
  5. Recent use of Roaccutane 6-12 months or any other medication to treat skin concerns
  6. Active cold sores
  7. Recent laser treatment
  8. Very low pain threshold
  9. Raised moles
  10. Eczema
  11. Psoriasis
  12. Keloidal skin
  13. Blood clotting disorders
  14. Diabetes
  15. Lupus
  16. Autoimmune diseases such as: Rheumatoid / HIV/HEP B/HEP C
  17. Use of Retinol and/or AHA's

Although it is not possible to list every potential risk and complication, the above conditions are recognised as contraindications for dermaplaning treatment and must be disclosed prior to treatment.

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