What is the difference between the Million Dollar Facial and the Mini Million Dollar Facial?

The Million Dollar Facial

Our Million Dollar Facial is a luxurious, advanced 10 step facial where science meets indulgence. Your spa-trained therapist will use a combination of techniques including Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Lymphatic Drainage and Icey Globes to leave your skin feeling a million dollars! Working your skin from the outside in, this treatment will deeply exfoliate, flush toxins and stimulate natural collagen and cell turnover. This is a 60 minute service.

The Mini Million Dollar Facial

Our Mini Million Dollar Facial is the perfect introduction to the Million Dollar Facial (but without Dermaplaning and Microneedling). Your spa-trained therapist will use a combination of techniques to hydrate and nourish your skin cells including a deep cleanse, steam and extractions. Lymphatic Drainage and the Million Dollar Mask complete the service to remove toxins and promote firmer skin with increased hydration levels. This is a 45 minute service. 

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