My booking hasn’t been confirmed but I can see the transaction on my card?

When you make a booking with us, our payment provider Checkout takes a pre-authorisation hold of your payment amount from the card you have provided when making your booking. This is to reserve the funds so as soon as your booking is confirmed, the full amount will be taken from your payment card. This is the transaction that you might see on your bank statement. 

If your booking is not confirmed, the pre-authorisation hold placed on your payment card will be released within 24-48 hours. Depending on the bank, this may take a little while longer. 

Top tip: As the pre-authorisation amount that is visible on your bank statement is a hold and not an actual payment, you will not be due any refunds - you will simply be due a reversal of the pre-authorisation hold. This reversal may not show up on your bank statement however the reserved payment amount will be available in your bank account.

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